Magnolia Trees in bloom … swoon ! {Gettysburg, PA}

On our way home from the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC, we decided to just relax and wander a bit on our way home. We ended up in Gettysburg, PA to see what we could see. We ended up at the Gettysburg Cemetary, across the street from the battlefield. It was very moving just BEING there. I have many photos which I need to work on and will post once they are finished.

There were a few huge magnolia trees in the cemetery which were juuuuuuussssssttttt about to bloom. I love magnolias in general, but absolutely adore the buds on the trees.

The sun was dipping low in the sky, turning the light golden which highlighted the deep magenta pink of the blooms. Here are a few shots, more to come. I was tickled with how well the bokeh accents the gorgeous buds !

Magnolia Tree, Gettysburg Cemetery 20150412-DSC_4173-Edit+fbook


Letchworth State Park, New York

I was going through some images on one of my thumb drives and realized that I never posted these photos from an early autumn hike I took in Letchworth State Park.
It was such a gorgeous day ! Perfection. Sunny skies, fall colors just beginning to pop, perfect temperature.

We hiked down into the river bed, which was a no-no according to the signs, but SO worth it. It was heaven just laying on the warm, flat rocks next to the river, watching the sky go by and hearing the sound of the water rush past my ears. It was a moment I will forever remember as a little slice of heaven on earth.

Here are some of my favorite images from that perfect afternoon :)

20141004-DSC_6964-Edit_FBOOK 20141004-DSC_6975-Edit_fbook 20141004-DSC_6982-edit_fbook 20141004-DSC_7008-Edit_fbook 20141004-DSC_7134-Edit+fbook 20141004-DSC_7149-Edit_fbook 20141004-DSC_7187-Edit_FBOOK 20141004-DSC_7193-Edit_fbook 20141004-DSC_7280-Edit

It’s all in the details … {Braddock’s Bay, Owl Woods, Rochester NY}

It’s funny, that when it comes down to it, I am a details gal at heart. When I’m out wandering, the goal in my mind is always to capture the landscape as I see it, the big picture, if you will. However, when I get home and I’m choosing which photos to edit, the ones I fall in love with are always the details, the small stuff.

I was on an owl prowl in Owl Woods in Braddock’s Bay Park a few weeks ago. It was 7:30 AM and the early morning light streaming through the trees was absolutely gorgeous. I was getting frustrated trying to get the right settings on my Nikon to capture what my eyes were seeing. I zoomed in on the pine cones sprouting from the trees(they were so wee and cute! I loved their brown color and their texture!) and there that creamy morning light was in all it’s glory.

Alas, no owls were spotted on our prowl, but I was happy to get two pretty images of these pine cones. I lie, I totally would have rather had photos of the owls we didn’t find ;) But all in all, it was a chilly yet gorgeous morning spent wandering the woods with great company. I cannot think of a more perfect morning :)


Sunsets, they’re an obsession really … {Braddock’s Bay Marina, Rochester NY}

Sunsets. I love them. I chase them. I think they are stunning examples of all the beauty in this world.

It is my greatest joy when I’m lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, Nikon in hand, and the skies burst forth with color and are painted like this.


Washington DC Cherry Blossoms …

Cherry Blossoms are a springtime obsession of mine. I love the delicate color of the flowers and the trees bursting with blooms. I’m hoping to travel to DC this weekend to view the trees in the tidal basin at their peak. Fingers crossed, it’ll happen !

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the last time I had the opportunity to photograph DC’s cherry blossom trees in all their glory :)



A Write Heart

My sister in law and good friend are co-writing a blog … and I have had the opportunity to do a little shooting for them :)

Here are some images from the shoot. It was a freezing evening with jaw-droppingly perfect light at Braddock’s Bay Marina …

a write heart a write hearta write heart a write heart a write heart

A Write Heart … Introducing Melissa !

Melissa Yeager, Author - A Write Heart

Melissa Yeager, Author – A Write Heart – A new Christian Women’s Blog … Coming soon !

(This is my seester, and I am super excited for this endeavor of hers ! She is quite the amazing writer !)


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