The Dreaming Tree







Mendon Ponds Park is one of my most favorite places on earth – in any season ! I particularly love “bird song trail”, where if you have a little bit of food in your palm, the sparrows will perch on your finger and have a bite to eat. It is just the coolest thing. Upon finding the trail, we came upon some deer. They were curious and watched us snapping photos of them.

I swear, I feel like snow white when I’m here ! 🙂

This particular hike took place in the dead of winter. It was FREEZING ! However cold it was, we had such a great time. I found my “dreaming tree”, which was discovered on our fall family photo hike earlier this year. It’s a HUGE hollow tree, which is quite magical. If I was 5  years old, this tree would have been my castle and great adventures would have insued inside it’s hollowed out core.

Standing here the old man said to me

“Long before these crowded streets, here stood my dreaming tree”

Below it he would sit for hours at a time

Now progress takes away what forever took to  find

And now he’s falling hard  he feels the falling dark

How he  longs to be beneath his dreaming tree

Conquered  fear to climb a moment froze in time

When the girl who first he kissed promised him she’d be his
Remembered mother’s words  there beneath the tree

“No matter  what the world, you’ll always be my baby”

Mommy  come quick the dreaming tree has died

The  air is growing thick a fear he cannot hide

The  dreaming tree has died

~ DMB, The Dreaming Tree


2 thoughts on “The Dreaming Tree

    • Thanks, Jeff ! We were wandering onto the path and there they were ! The one was very curious and stuck around to watch us for almost 15 minutes. The other inched away and was ready to bolt if we got too close. 🙂

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