Autumn !!!

My favorite season is in full swing ! We’ve had some seriously gorgeous days here in Upstate NY lately, which makes me smile 🙂 I just love all the color, the slight chill in the air and OMGosh, the autumn light (!!!!!!!) is amazing !

I’ve had a TON of photoshoots lately, which is amazing, as are all my clients 🙂 I think senior photos are just my favorite thing to shoot ever ! I’ll be posting some photos soon from a few senior shoots. 🙂

Since I’ve been so busy doing shoots for clients, I haven’t had much time to shoot for myself. (This is key in the inspiration department for me!) I’ve been DYING to get out there and photograph all the gorgeous Autumn beauty! Let me tell you , Rochesterians are super lucky in the Autumn department – gorgeous scenery is EVERYWHERE in the fall ! So Monday, I made the executive decision to get my butt out to Mendon Ponds Park and see how the trees were doing in the color department. It’s not peak just yet, but getting there !

Mendon Ponds Park never disappoints ! 🙂 So many gorgeous views ! People are everywhere – out riding bikes, walking their dogs,  skating these cross country skiing roller skate things (hysterical to watch) and running and gliding along the ponds in Kayaks and exploring the park on horseback (so jealous ! I am the annoying person who wants to pet all the horses as they walk by) . There are also herds and herds of deer ! They’re everywhere ! And not like 3 or 4 of them just chilling in a meadow … like 50 of them !! Everwhere you turned , there were deer 🙂 If you can’t tell, I’m a huge animal lover and am always amazed by wild animals that let me come near them.

Mendon Ponds makes me want three things:

1) A horse !!!

2) A Kayak !!!

3) A dog !! (Great Dane kplsthxbai)

Alas, I don’t see any of these things in my near future. Maybe a kayak … hmmmmm 🙂

I’m hoping to get back there early Saturday morning with my camera & a pocket full of bird seed to explore Birdsong Trail (the birds just land on you and have a little snack) and hopefully see the Wild Wings bird rescues.

Anyhow, some awesome photos of autumn (ha!) are to follow this post 🙂


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