The Beautiful Ending





Who knew that almost 7 years ago, my bartender at Blue Room would become one of my closest friends in the universe. And that Lisa has become. We have supported each other through so much – from dating disasters to crazy family drama to trying to find ourselves, our niche, our footprint on this world.

She has always supported my photography journey, has always been a willing model for me to practice on her, those becoming some of my favorite shots. So when I finally got the chance to support her art – her Album release party for her new music project, The Beautiful Ending, I was there with bells on 🙂 And she did not disappoint me.

I remember going to the studio with her while she was laying down the vocal tracks to one of her first songs. I was thouroughly impressed then by how she sounded and by all the hard work I knew she’d been putting into her music for the past few years. I was so excited for her ! Upon finally hearing the culmination of all her hard work at this show, I was blown away by my friend’s talent. I loved the music, the lyrics, everything. Her music is hard, but with a decidedly emotional edge. In a nutshell, she nailed it. And as her friend, I am SO proud 🙂

Hope you enjoy a few photos from the evening …


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