There’s Beauty in Loneliness

There's Beauty in Loneliness

I was finishing up a Senior photo shoot at Highland Park when I spied this lone rosebud just left there on the bench. It was so pretty, the contrast between that gorgeous red flower just left on the rustic decay of the wood bench.

Traci, an old friend from high school (I was shooting her daughter), looked at me kind of funny. She was obviously wondering why I suddenly became so obsessed with this little flower which someone had discarded.

This photo is EXACTLY what I had envisioned when I felt compelled to capture the simple beauty of that rose, of that moment. I love the shock of color on that drab painted and peeling wood.

When I see this photo it reminds me of all my poetic musings about this flower. If you got inside my head, you’d know what a romantic dork I am. You’d know how much I find beauty in lonely things. This is one of the reasons I love bare trees – no leaves … they’re just so alone looking but yet still dramatic, beautiful and strong.

Yes, I’m a complete dork.

I hope you enjoy my photo 🙂


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