My Wish List … Photography Gear

Just like any photographer, there is gear that I simply crave, yet can’t afford right now. Hopefully some day, but alas, today is not that day. So today, I am dreaming and wishing Santa was real 😉 …

  • AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4G Lens – Quite simply, I covet this lens. I love using prime lenses and I read about this one everywhere, on every blog I follow, it seems. Alas, unless I win the lottery, it’s gonna take a while to save for this baby. The more affordable, Nikkor 85mm f/1.8G might be a bit more realistic at this point, but still, not for a little while.
  • And while I’m dreaming … Adorama’s morning newsletter in my inbox is completely teasing me. THIS was just released by Nikon – The Nikon Df FX-Format Digital SLR Camera Body, 16.2MP, Classic SLR Design, Silver. OMG. I’ve been reading about this new camera ALL day. It’s so pretty ! It looks like an old film camera, but is a full-frame DSLR ! Talk about dreaming …
  • A great light kit – stands, reflectors, umbrellas, strobes. ( I love my SB-700, but would LOVE an SB-910 to use off camera !). I could have had a second SB-700 if my original didn’t get stolen out of my car. I had to replace it, tried an off brand model, Sun Pack, I think ? I was not happy, so I went running straight back to Nikon !
  • I’ve never been a proponent of using props. But for newborns, some are just so simply adorable. So yes, newborn & baby props are on my wish list! These are a few which I covet … (Side Note: I wish so badly I knew how to knit !!!)        A good friend of mine is having a baby boy in March, so I will begin an etsy ordering frenzy for adorable newborn baby hats & cheesecloths and baskets soon !
        • Crowns for the babies & toddlers, I cannot even get over how PERFECT these are ! I wish I owned one while my niece & nephew were wee babies !
        • These little knit hats & things from Creative Designs on Etsy are to die for ! I mean, a mermaid ??? Seriously ??? I’m dying right now.

        • And seriously, HOW CUTE IS THIS wee little owl hat from BriarRoseCraftyThing ??? I must have a set of these for newborn photography – lambs, deers, dragons, elephants, owls … OH MY  ! Is being a photographer of wee babies in cute hats a specialization, because I want that to be mine !
  • A fisheye lens … I just cannot justify the expense right now, but it sure would be a fun lens to own !
  • The Tiffen 62mm Close-up Filter Set with +1, +2 & +4 Macro Lenses. – I would LOVE this set of filters for macro photography, however, I don’t want to just spend the $85 bucks to find I never use/don’t like using them. I’m thinking I might just purchase Adorama’s set for $17 bucks and try them out before I splurge ! I do ADORE macro flower photography, so I would love to see if the close up filters enhance my photography !

There’s probably a gazillion other things on my wish list, but this is it for now ! I suppose I will just surf and dream a little …


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