Snowy Owl in Flight {Rochester, NY}

Snowy Owl in Flight {Rochester, NY}

I am an owl lover. They are amazing, beautiful birds and I have been dying to see one in the wild. To photograph this beautiful bird would only be a bonus. I had seen/heard that there was a snowy owl living on the piers in Charlotte/Summerville, so I went to check it out. The first visit, I didn’t have much luck, so I made plans with my Dad to go owl hunting again on New Years Eve.

We ran into another photographer heading back to his car and asked him about the snowy owl, he said she had just flown over to the Summerville Pier. My dad and I got back into his car and drove over there. By the time we got onto the pier, the owl was spooked again and flew back over to the Charlotte Pier. OK, what to do now ? 😦

My dad suggested that the people on the other pier who were walking would probably spook him back, so we should wait. Wait we did. It was FREEZING ! We could see her perched on the rail and watched the people get closer to her. Sure enough, she flew back to our pier and landed at the end. I wished so much I had a longer lens, but I had a 200mm which would have to do. I crept as close as I dared, and was rewarded with a great view of this amazing bird ! She was gorgeous !

I was able to snap a few photos before she flew back over the river again …

I think this owl in flight is probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. What an end to 2013 !


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