Sieze the carpet of cherry blossoms …


The sun was setting and it was a gorgeous evening in late May. I was enjoying myself immensely, playing outside with my favorite littles, Naomi & Jude. My sister in law noticed that her neighbors yard was gloriously carpeted in pretty pink cherry blossoms and hinted that I might want to run home to grab my camera. I took one look, and knew I had to seize this moment. In fact, I’m so happy I did, because it poured cats and dogs over night, ruining the delicate blossoms.

After bribing Naomi with promises of candy, she happily obliged donning a pretty princess dress. I ran home to grab my Nikon.


I was so happy she chose this dress, it was perfect for the delicately pink petals carpeting Ms. Kathy’s yard. I think I bought this dress for her for Easter last year. (N’omi has a penchant for pretty dresses, the more tulle, the better ;)) Fancy frocks are her play clothes. It is nothing to find her playing in the sandbox, running around the yard, or riding her bike dressed to the nines. One of the traits I love most about my funny little niece is that every little thing she does is full of drama and imagination. She is always full of songs, belting them out at the top of her lungs, always dancing around, creating a story with her toys. I wish all humans could keep this sense of wonder about them as they age.


My only sunshine had a ball rolling around and tossing the petals in the air. Even the adorable Jude joined in on that fun. It was such a perfect evening. I might be a wee bit biased, but I think these are my most favorite images that I have ever shot.



There is not a day that goes by that I don’t send God a prayer of thanks for sending me all the kiddos in my life, my own boy and my nieces and nephew. They are all quite amazing, with funny little quirks and huge personalities. I enjoy watching them grow with the years that pass and often wish I had found my passion for photography earlier in life, when C. Monster was wee. However, I am happy it is my passion now, and that I get to use that passion to freeze moments like that perfect evening in May. 🙂


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