It’s all in the details … {Braddock’s Bay, Owl Woods, Rochester NY}

It’s funny, that when it comes down to it, I am a details gal at heart. When I’m out wandering, the goal in my mind is always to capture the landscape as I see it, the big picture, if you will. However, when I get home and I’m choosing which photos to edit, the ones I fall in love with are always the details, the small stuff.

I was on an owl prowl in Owl Woods in Braddock’s Bay Park a few weeks ago. It was 7:30 AM and the early morning light streaming through the trees was absolutely gorgeous. I was getting frustrated trying to get the right settings on my Nikon to capture what my eyes were seeing. I zoomed in on the pine cones sprouting from the trees(they were so wee and cute! I loved their brown color and their texture!) and there that creamy morning light was in all it’s glory.

Alas, no owls were spotted on our prowl, but I was happy to get two pretty images of these pine cones. I lie, I totally would have rather had photos of the owls we didn’t find 😉 But all in all, it was a chilly yet gorgeous morning spent wandering the woods with great company. I cannot think of a more perfect morning 🙂



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