Brooklea Country Club Wedding {Rochester, NY}

When Michelle asked me to photograph her wedding to Michael last October, I was so excited to say yes! The affair was held at the gorgeous (especially in the Autumn !) Brooklea Country Club in Gates.

Michelle, a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan; and Michael, a member of Steeler Nation (The Pittsburgh Steelers are in fact, the best football team known to mankind, and I am not biased or anything …ha !) decked out their details in yellow & blue, a marriage of their favorite team colors. Very appropriate, if you ask me ! M&M had met when they were younger, keeping in touch even after Michael went into the Navy. Distance did not keep them apart, their love for one another grew and eventually brought them back together and back to Rochester. What an awesome love story ! I am overjoyed for them and wish them a lifetime of happiness and love !

Here are a few photos from Michelle & Michael’s extra special wedding day …
10411719_850752054963938_7873874918085822135_n       10891472_850751958297281_7427133584099235218_n        DSC_7763DSC_7773   DSC_7815        DSC_7870       DSC_7852              DSC_7934 DSC_8186              DSC_8192 DSC_8178


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